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Security-Cameras-and-Video-SurveillanceWhy are security cameras becoming such an integral part of home security systems? CCTV and video surveillance technology has been utilized in commercial security systems for years. Business owners have long known the value of having an extra pair of eyes to:

  • Monitor surroundings (both inside and out)
  • Record any acts of theft or vandalism
  • Help apprehend and prosecute burglaries or crimes committed on premises
  • Monitor performance
  • Provide an extra sense of safety – knowing they’re always being monitored

Thanks to video surveillance technology in 2013, Boston investigators identified the two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing after sifting through video images captured by the city’s cameras.

A comprehensive home security system can provide so much more than just an alert when a door or a window is open – a complete system, which includes video security cameras, can record and monitor your home or office, detect motion, fire, smoke and water; and alert medics to any potential life threatening situation.

View Your Home from Anywhere for Any Reason

Advances in video surveillance technology allow us to monitor our homes from anywhere in the world through our desktops or smart phones. Security cameras help with more than theft protection. Are your children home from school on time? How is the babysitter or nanny with the kids? Is the dog acting anxious during the storm? Cameras give us access when we can’t be there ourselves. They provide that extra layer protection and additional peace of mind.

What type of camera is right for me?

There are a variety of security cameras on the market, from commercial grade IP video to residential cameras that are perfect for a family wanting to add that extra layer of protection to their home. The security professionals at Butler Durrell can help you determine which video surveillance system is right for you. For more information contact us online or at 636-458-1866.

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