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video security st louis moHome security is more than an alarm system. Incorporating video surveillance into your security system increases the effectiveness exponentially. Imagine someone tries to break into your home, the alarm system sounds and scares them away because they know someone will be there soon. The police will come to your home, take a report, look for evidence left behind, and likely warn others in your community to be cautious. Your security system was effective at preventing your home burglary, and that is a success.

However, if you integrate video surveillance into the security system, you may be able to tell who and how many people were trying to break in or vandalize your property. Was it someone you know or recognize? Details of the people, car or other significant information that helps to apprehend the would-be intruders can be gained through video security features. Even if the alarm was not set off from an intrusion, a surveillance system can get footage of someone defacing your property.

iphone resi video

Video can also enhance the convenience of everyday life. Read about Smart Phone Control features that give you access to see and control the activities in your home such as children arriving from school, even if you are far away.

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