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How Smart Home Security Works

Smart home security connects various home security devices with a central system that can be accessed through your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The system utilizes your home’s network to transmit signals from cameras, locks, and sensors to a central hub. The central wireless system then relays signals to our monitoring station as well as to your smart device.

Smart Home Security System Devices

Monitor your home 24/7, even while you’re away.

In addition to remote accessibility, smart home security devices provide high levels of functionality that weren’t previously feasible with older systems. Check out some of the devices included in smart home security systems.

Smart Cameras

Many smart security cameras provide real-time video streaming that can be accessed with your mobile device, and the data is stored for later review.

In addition, some fancier models include face recognition technology, allowing them to essentially “learn” who should be in your home and alert you when someone it doesn’t “recognize” enters the premises.

Doorbell cameras are also available, enabling you to see who’s at the door without having to actually go to the door. High definition video allows you to see who knocked and when while you were away.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors can be connected with the lighting system in your home, adding both convenience and security.

Those who might try breaking into your home tend to avoid attention, and if the lights suddenly turn on while they’re in your home, they’ll be likely to make a hasty exit, thereby protecting your valuables.

In terms of convenience, if you get up in the middle of the night, there’s no need to fumble for a light switch. The lights turn on for you automatically, illuminating your way. When you leave a room, the lights automatically shut off, saving electricity.

For the elderly, this added level of convenience also ensures safety. There’s less risk that an elderly loved one will stumble and fall if they need to get up in the night, making accidents easier to avoid.

Smart Door Locks

Imagine being able to lock and unlock your door with your smartphone.

When you leave in the morning, it can give you extra peace of mind as you make sure the doors are secured in your home. On the other hand, as you return home from running errands, being able to unlock your door with just the press of a button can make the process of getting inside with full hands much simpler.

In the event you’ve locked your keys inside but have your phone on hand, you’ll save yourself having to pry open a window (and setting off your alarm system in the process).

Smart locks can be set to a schedule, limiting access to certain periods of the day, ideal for times when you are expecting visitors but may not be home to welcome them.

Window and Door Sensors

Window and door sensors set off alerts when a door or window is opened.

A smart home security system can set specific parameters on when the alarm is triggered. In addition, you’ll be able to get notified when a door or cabinet is opened, which is important if you keep firearms or other dangerous items in secure places.

Benefits Of Smart Home Security

Your home’s security becomes accessible at the press of a button, no matter where you are. The level of remote access it affords you gives you the ability to monitor your home 24/7, and it enables you to sleep easier at night.

In addition, there are other side benefits, including:

Utilities Savings

Automatic sensors save you from wasting electricity when lights are left on. This is perfect if you have small children who forget to turn the lights off in each room.

In addition, smart systems can be connected to your thermostat, allowing you to keep heating and cooling usage down while you’re away.

Increased Home Safety

Motion-triggered lighting makes your home safer, especially for any elderly persons who may have difficulty getting around.

Constant remote video monitoring allows you to keep up on what’s happening in your home no matter your location. If someone breaks in or if a family member has an accident, you’ll be able to notice it sooner.

For systems with two-way communication enabled, there’s a higher chance of preventing incidents as well. Having the chance to say “Don’t open that!” or “Put that down!” while not physically present can make it easier to head off injuries.

Ironclad Security

Finally, the tight security you get with an intelligently designed smart home security system is unmatched. Face recognition systems, door sensors, doorbell cameras, and more all allow you to keep watch on things while also deterring potential burglars.

Get Peace Of Mind With Smart Home Security

Smartphone home security is available on most security systems we’ve installed within the last two years. Simply reach out to us for a quote on adding it to your current system.  

Most security systems older than two years can be upgraded to be compatible with smartphone controls. When purchasing a new system, smartphone home security should come standard.

You want your integrated smart home security system to work correctly every time – 24/7.

Check with our security experts on the best options available for your family.

Go remote today!