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access control systems st louis

Keys to multiple workplace doors are difficult to track down and manage. Access control gives facility managers control over who can enter specific areas, and even set time constraints on the access. If an employee leaves and forgets to turn in the keys, there is potential for trouble in the future. However, if your facility is equipped with an access control system, the employee’s keycard or biometric access is changed by you on the computer.

In addition to granting and revoking access, managers receive reports of who enters parts of the building and at what times. Managing employees’ time at work is simpler with easily produced reports showing exact times of entry and exit.

Scalable Managed Access

Your budget may not accommodate installing readers and locks at every door, but you can start with the most critical access points that need to be secure. As the effectiveness of access control is demonstrated and budgets allow, we can install managed access control on more doors in your facility and it remains easy for you to manage.

Great for Highly Critical Areas

Access control systems are wonderful for securing:

  • Medicine rooms and cabinets
  • Data Centers
  • HVAC & electrical equipment rooms
  • Security centers
  • High value inventory
  • Employee records

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