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Video surveillance is becoming more affordable for businesses and homeowners and is an effective crime deterrent in areas where cameras are deployed. Use high-definition IP security cameras if you want the best quality video surveillance images.

Best Security Cameras, Professionally Installed

You can buy surveillance cameras from a big box store and install it yourself, but those security cameras are not commercial grade, nor are they designed to run continuously. Quality IP security camera systems (or CCTV systems), installed by professional technicians are more reliable. Butler Durrell technicians know the privacy regulations to keep you from monitoring illegally. We compensate for lighting and visual obstacles giving a wider range of coverage too. These combined factors produce quality images that can be used to catch perpetrators and prosecute based on evidence gained from video surveillance systems. Contact Butler Durrell Security for video camera installation.

Contact Butler Durrell for a site survey to install CCTV systems and IP cameras and you’ll start seeing the difference soon.

Shoplifting and losses are greatly reduced when a store utilizes video surveillance cameras

Some retail chains will advise their store managers in St. Louis to just accept losses from shoplifting. However, the effect on the bottom line is unacceptable for most stores. Shoppers suffer from higher prices to compensate for the losses. So why penalize your good customers and why take that hit on your profit margin?

Quality video surveillance offers a generous ROI in terms of prevention of losses.

Employee Theft is a serious concern

Hard to believe your trusted employees would take from you. But you can’t be on site all the time. While you may feel your employees can be trusted, those who know they are under video surveillance tend to remain honest and productive, even when no one is around.

Surveillance cameras remove the temptation to take from you. If you have a security camera, it is always watching and storing video that you can view in real-time from a mobile phone, or watch later if you discover records do not reconcile.

The investment in a quality, professionally installed IP camera system is far outweighed by the savings in preventing loss from theft that video surveillance provides.