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If fire or sprinkler systems are required by the building code for your facility, the systems must be monitored by a UL Central Station. Butler Durrell installs smoke and heat detectors and monitors fire detection systems, including sprinkler systems.

Monitored detectors call for help, even when you cannot

A stand-alone smoke detector may warn occupants but a monitored fire detection system alerts building occupants of the fire and notifies central station, which calls firefighters and emergency personnel to the scene.

Early warning of smoke and fire saves lives and minimizes damage to property. Every second counts when a fire threatens and getting help there as soon as possible makes the difference between a tragedy and an inconvenience.

Components of Commercial Fire Systems include:

  • Manual alarm stations
  • Automatic fire alarm detectors
  • Supervisory devices
  • Supervised waterflow devices
  • Systems designed to meet stringent fire code
  • Monitor Fire Suppression /Sprinkler Systems

Many jurisdictions require periodic sprinkler systems inspections and Butler Durrell is certified to provide inspections and repair or update your system as needed.

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