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In today’s technical age, small businesses tend to shift their focus on cybersecurity, losing sight of the fact that people can still walk right in through the front door. 

By definition, access control is physical security that restricts entry to a location without proper credentials. The credential might be a keycard or remote access clip. It could also be as simple as a code input to a keypad or something more complex like fingerprint recognition.

Importance Of Small Business Access Control

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In 2016, almost nine percent of businesses were burglarized. Incidents occurred during operating hours as well as when the business was closed. Each small business owner paid about 8,000 dollars in out-of-pocket expenses for each break-in. 

It is clear that access control mitigates physical security risks, but there are many other reasons why small business access control is an important component of your commercial security system. 

Security Oversight

Small business access control helps you oversee security in a safe and effective way. This is true if you opt for a standalone security plan and even more so if you choose a more comprehensive small business security system.

Access control, especially as part of a larger security package, does more than just manage who opens and shuts the door. Many systems provide logs that show when the door is open and for how long. They usually have individualized credentials for each person that has access, too, telling you who opened the door.

That’s not something you will ever get from a standard lock and key. Access control gives you a more efficient way to govern your office, store, warehouse, or studio.

Ease Of Use

Even if technology isn’t your friend, you should be able to master an access security system in minutes. 

In fact, it’s probably more of a hassle to get a duplicate key made than it is to assign access to someone new in the office.

Small business access control is incredibly user-friendly.

Return On Investment

When you add up the number of times you paid to get keys made, got out of bed to drive to the office and let someone in or changed locks, you’ll quickly see how access control is a cost-effective security solution. 

Depending on your insurance carrier and policy, you may even get a premium discount for having small business access control. Over time, the system will pay for itself.

Handle Employee Turnovers

Whether you have to let someone go or they decide to move on, an employee leaving the company creates security risks.

With access control, there is no need to collect keys or change locks. As the administrator of the security system, you simply remove access by deactivating their credentials.

When small business access control is part of a larger security system, you may choose to get an alert if the person tries to use their access to enter the building.

Even employees that stay with the company can lose a keycard or accidentally give out a security code. The access control system allows you to reissue a card or passcode with new credentials while canceling the old one at the same time.

Inner Access Control

Each keycard or passcode can work in different areas of the building to enhance inner security. 

For example, put a separate control unit on your personal office door that only you can open or guard your inventory with restricted access. Even something small like a storage closet or bathroom can have limited access.

Smart Building Features

Access control can work together with other systems in the building such as lighting and HVAC. 

If you are the only person in the office then the security system could potentially turn off the air conditioning and lights to other offices. It would base that change solely on who accessed or left the building. 

It’s an option that saves both money and energy.

Remote Access Control

Regardless if you’re on the property or not, you can receive real-time alerts if someone rings the bell or presses a button. 

The security camera is connected to the access panel or larger security system and allows you to verify, from your computer or smartphone, who is coming and going. 

Protection Against Active Shooters

Active shooter scenarios are no longer only something you read about in fiction novels. They are happening in cities around the world at an alarming rate. 

Small business access control can provide you and your staff with protection against someone unauthorized entering the office. As part of a larger security program, you can use access control sites as panic alerts that summon the police when a door is breached or a button is pressed.


Perhaps at the moment, you have just one or two rooms in your office space, but as your business grows, your access control system can grow with you to cover more ground. 

The reverse is also true, if you decide you cut back on space or reduce your number of employees, you can scale down the system.

Protecting Your Livelihood With Small Business Access Control

Because there is far more involved than just picking a lock or stealing a key, anyone looking to break in will likely think twice when they see you have access control. 

Small business access control is a smart, cost-effective way to protect your business and the people that work inside it.

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