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If your like most small business owners, the investments of time and resources you put into your business is significant. Protecting that investment is a top concern, and one of the ways that is often addressed is with a small business security system. After all, one intrusion or fire can quickly result in a heavy loss on your investment.

The Importance of an Effective Small Business Security System

Business security works by deterring intruders from the premises first. If there is a break-in, there should be swift consequences to prevent significant losses. The ways an effective security system protects your business include the following:

Guarding Against Losses

For businesses that maintain an inventory, theft is an obvious threat. It can be a threat for other businesses as well, though. Tools, computers, and other equipment are all valuable assets to a business, and they are prone to loss through theft.

Data can also be a concern, especially for businesses that process sensitive customer information. Making sure access to paperwork and electronic data is secure is a top priority for businesses in preventing losses since the consequences of a breach can be catastrophic.

An effective business security system prevents these types of losses and helps improve the organization’s bottom line.

Protecting Personnel and Customers

The safety of employees and other personnel is also a concern. Injuries can be expensive for businesses, especially given the costs of workers’ compensation insurance and employee turnover. Customers also need to be kept safe—after all, if your clientele isn’t safe on your premises, they’re not going to be likely to visit.

This extends beyond deterring intruders, though damage caused to a property can certainly put customers and personnel at risk. Fire detection is also important to business security since it prevents harm to visitors and employees as well as damage to the property.

Save on Insurance

A benefit most businesses don’t consider is the potential savings on insurance they might gain through implementing effective security measures. Many insurance providers give companies discounts if they have some kind of security system installed, resulting in a real financial advantage for the business.

Preserve Your Reputation

Finally, your business’s reputation is just as important to protect as your assets, employees, customers, and so forth. A company that doesn’t keep its premises, inventory, data, and so forth secure is going to leave a poorer impression on its customers, especially if that lack of security results in losses.

Once tarnished, a reputation is difficult to repair, and that means preventing losses in the first place. In addition, certain security measures (such as a surveillance system) can protect you against false claims, further solidifying your reputation.

Elements of Small Business Security

In order to make sure your assets, inventory, customers, and employees are all protected, several different security measures are typically necessary. These may include:

Monitored Intrusion Detection

The core of security systems is intrusion detection. Sensors at the doors and windows set off an alarm when triggered, and professional monitoring notifies authorities in the event that the system is set off.

It’s important for this system to be comprehensive. If there are any gaps, such as if certain windows or doors are left out, that will constitute a vulnerability that intruders could exploit.

Access Control

For businesses, access control is a high priority, especially for those who deal with sensitive information. Making sure the right people have the right amount of access to your place of business is key to making sure assets and data are all kept secure, both from outside intruders as well as internal risks.

For instance, you would be better off allowing access to filing cabinets to a long-time employee than you would to a new hire. Access control allows you to limit access to only certain personnel. In addition, by giving everyone their own access code or pass, you can track who enters the property and when. This improves accountability and preserves security at all hours.

Video Surveillance

High definition surveillance cameras help prevent losses from theft, including shoplifting and employee theft. Quality 24/7 video monitoring of your business’s premises can deter thefts while you are off site, and it can also keep employees honest.

Knowing they are on camera will not only make sure employees remain honest, but it can also make sure they remain productive during their shifts as well.

Fire Detection

Not all threats come from intrusion and theft. Fire and other disasters can be a threat to your business as well, which is why fire monitoring is a must for small businesses. The earlier smoke and fire are detected and dealt with, the more damage is prevented, meaning a lower loss to the business and a positive result for your bottom line.

In addition, fire and sprinkler systems are required by law for various industries, making fire detection systems a must.

Installing Security Systems in Your Business

When choosing a company to install a security system at your business’s facility, you have many options. It’s important that you choose one that will do things properly, which means custom design and professional installation.

Your system needs to be designed to leave no gaps, which means most standard “one-size-fits-all” solutions won’t cut it. In addition, a company with a solid reputation and years of experience in the industry will be more likely to get you complete coverage for your business.

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