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Leasing Commercial Security and Fire Systems

At Butler Durrell Security, commercial customers have the option to lease our systems instead of buying them. Security, fire, video and access control systems are all available for commercial properties, large or small.

Benefit of Leased Commercial Security, Video, Access Control and Fire Systems

Lease Commercial Systems
Benefit Summary

  • Lower upfront costs so better on cash flow
  • Reasonable and consistent monthly rates
  • Regular tests ensure your systems are functioning properly
  • Maintenance and replacement parts included in monthly agreement
  • Tax benefit of leasing over buying

Commercial property managers like the option to lease equipment because it generally means lower upfront costs and is easier to fit into the company budget. The initial installation cost of leased security equipment is a fraction of the cost to buy it. Many companies find leasing their equipment provides a tax benefit over buying it so check with your CPA to see if this applies.

We retain ownership of the security and fire equipment but it stays on your property for the length of the lease, typically 60 months. A predetermined monthly amount is charged based on the components installed and the monthly monitoring.

The monthly lease amount is determined when you sign the contract and so there are no surprises down the road with unexpected repair or maintenance fees. We maintain the equipment 24/7 and if it needs repair, the labor and material are included in the monthly agreement. There is no system down time while waiting for the cost of repairs to be approved, it’s already included.

We schedule daily or weekly system tests of your fire and security systems to confirm the signal is reaching our monitoring center. If the signal is not received in our UL Listed Monitoring Center, we promptly schedule a trip to your site to service the equipment and get it working again. We check the video security (CCTV) feed weekly from our office to make sure the picture is clear and displays the right area.

Quote for Security, Fire, Video and Access Control Systems

Small commercial/retail systems start at $199.00 installed and $49.95 per month. Contact Butler Durrell online or call us at 636.324.2002 for a site survey and quote on our systems.

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