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Important Numbers to Have Handy for Emergencies

emergencycontactIn this age of crazy mobile technology, it’s easy to forget the contact information that already available at your fingertips. How many of us know number by heart anymore? It’s that very reason that having a backup list of number is so important. What if a disaster or emergency happens and you need to reach out to friends/family? What if your phone is inoperable or if all your contacts get lost due to something as simple as a software upgrade? Unfortunately, it happens.

What numbers should you keep?

Here’s a brief list of important numbers to keep on hand in the event of an emergency:

Emergency Service Numbers

Police, Fire, Hospitals, and Poison Control – all of these are important numbers to have at hand. What if you aren’t home and there’s a sitter with your children? What if you don’t have these numbers in your mobile device and start to panic in an emergency? Having a printed version handy, could very well save you valuable time and anxiety.

Medical Numbers

Along with hospitals and poison control, it’s also important to list the name of your family doctor, pediatrician, dentist, and pharmacy. There are so many healthcare resources, medical services, and pharmacies in our cities today that having a list readily available helps clear up any confusion of preference and also helps get access to any medical information you may have lost.

Friends, Family and Neighbors

Who should people call if they find you unresponsive? What if you’re unavailable and someone is watching your children? Perhaps they don’t have a life threatening emergency, but it’s vital to have a backup in the event that you cannot be reached.


Home, auto, and health insurance are important numbers to have at the ready for when you need them.

Personal Numbers

Because we tend to store numbers instead of memorizing them, it’s a great idea to keep a list of your own numbers on hand. For example – your work and mobile phone.

It’s a good idea to highlight your ICE (in case of emergency) information so it’s easy to find/see. This number can be a parent, spouse, or close friend that you want notified if something happens to you. In many cases, emergency responders and hospital personnel know to look for this number.

ICE IconImportant Numbers for Your Cell Phone

While having a paper copy of the above numbers are key, it’s also a really good idea to have your mobile device updated with emergency or important numbers. Here’s a great list from Preparedness Momma.

For easy  to access ICE apps for your mobile devices, check out these apps for Apple and Android.

At Butler Durrell, your safety is our main concern. These important safety and contact numbers are a great way to be prepared, no matter what happens.


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