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How To Choose The Best Smart Home Security System For You

In recent years, smart home security systems have become the latest, greatest technology available to protect homes and personal property.

Offering the features of old security systems and then so much more, many homeowners are astonished at the capability and convenience of smart security systems.

Chances are if you like smart technology you’re jumping at the opportunity to link your home to a smart security system that can improve quality of life while also making your home safer.

The type of home security you choose is very personal. Smart security systems, in particular, can be hard to pick from, because they offer so many choices and features.

Before you can make a decision on the best smart home security system, you must first know your home security goals, ways in which systems vary from one another, and how each option can help you meet your home security objectives.

choices for the best smart home security system

Smart Home Security vs. Traditional Home Security

Traditionally, home security systems have consisted of an alarm triggered by the unauthorized opening of a door or window. The alarm would alert the 24/7 off-site monitoring system, which would in turn call for emergency services. This model has been in place in homes for decades.

With the invention of smart products, homeowner expectations have changed.

Smart home security offers many of the same features as traditional home security systems, and then some. Using a centralized control hub, you’re alerted when anyone rings the doorbell, walks through the door, or when a fire has broken out.

This mobile-ready system goes anywhere you go, via a WiFi connection that connects you to your house through your smartphone or another device.

Options in Smart Home Security

Smart home systems deliver information at your fingertips.

Unlike traditional home security systems, smart security systems have a broad range of options that improve quality of life, comfort, safety, and convenience.

Some features in the best home security systems include:

Monitor Activity With Instant Alerts

When your front door opens, a typical smart home security system will alert you to the change.

With smart home security, you can program the system to notify you of this activity only when specific people walk through the door, or you can be alerted every time the door opens. Receiving these alerts can help you follow the normal activity in your house all day long.

The ability to tailor your system to your needs is part of what makes smart technology so desirable. No longer are home security systems a one size fits all product.

Front and back door movement is not the only activity you’re able to monitor. Some smart home security systems enable you to track specific rooms or areas of your home.

Whether you want to protect a gun cabinet, your garage or other sensitive areas of your home, smart security systems have the capability to do so.

Control Locks From Remote Locations

From a neighboring town to across the country, many smart home security systems enable you to control the locks on your doors throughout the day.

Curious if your child remembered to lock the door when they went to school? Not only will you be informed, but you’ll also be able to fix the problem.

Do you need to let the neighbor in to leave the mail or check on your dog? Smart home security allows you to unlock the doors from anywhere.

Watch Activity From Miles Away

Cameras are an integral part of the best smart home security systems.

As long as you’re connected to WiFi or cell phone data, you can watch the activity in your house from anywhere, at any time.

Whether you want to check in on your teenager at home, or your sick pet, smart home security gives you the answers and reassurance you need while you are away.

Link Up With Other Smart Home Products

Some smart security systems can serve as a hub for controlling other products, including appliances and lights.

You can flip on the lights for your child to come home, check to see if your oven was left on, even warm up your house before you arrive. These basic functions are found in a variety of smart home security systems and can make your life easier, safer, and more convenient.

Define Your Smart Home Security Goals

Now that you know the possibilities, you’ll need to answer the question – what do you want from your smart security system?

Will you keep an eye on your children while they’re home alone? Are your major concerns related to potential thefts and break-ins, or the normal goings-on inside the house? There are several questions to consider as they pertain to your unique situation.

Not everyone who wants a security system is concerned about personal protection, property crimes or potentially violent crime. Instead, many homeowners are worried about more mundane and everyday threats, like bursting pipes, house fires and mischievous acts from their children.

Once you’ve established objectives for your home security system, then you can look for a system that will help you accomplish those goals.

Upgrade To A Smart Home Security System

Some security companies, like Butler Durrell, have the option to upgrade existing security systems that lack smart home security functionality.

If you’re a homeowner who has had a traditional home alarm security system in the past, you now have the option to upgrade.

Choosing the best home security system will depend in part on your needs for your home and your family.

Whether you’re new to home security or an experienced homeowner with an older system already installed, working with a professional security company can help you find the best smart home security system for your needs.

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