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Home Security Smartphone Controls

Smartphone Controls

ControlHomeSmartPhoneSecurity systems and smartphones now allow you to control your security system, door locks, thermostats and electronics with your smartphone or computer. You can use your smartphone to check in on your home through video cameras, receive notifications and videos when certain things happen in your home such as someone arriving at your home or a gun cabinet being opened. Interactive security allows you to know exactly what is going on at your home at all times and remotely control and change settings.

Energy Management

Smartphone controls can also be used to help manage the energy use in your home. Reduce the energy you use by using energy more efficiently. Use a smartphone app to change and adjust your thermostat and lighting in your home. Smartphone controls can help you stop wasting energy and save on your energy bill. You can create a custom smart schedule to save energy when you’re away from home, this allows your home to automatically adjust the temperature and optimize energy use.

Home Automation

Home automation helps you by allowing your home to work for you by adjusting settings automatically based on schedules or triggers that you can set. Your homes lights, thermostats and locks can all be adjusted automatically so you don’t even have to think about it. You can rely on home automation to make your life simpler and save you time, energy and money. Settings can be adjusted and controlled from your smartphone. Home automation also helps keep your home safe. You can protect your home with automatic system arming and by automatically locking the door to your home when your security system is armed.

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