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A traditional analog security camera may catch the theft, vandalism, or employee in action, but in cases where identification is key, a blurry analog recording doesn’t measure up to the kind of video surveillance technology today’s retail establishments and law enforcement need in order to identify the criminal(s).

High Definition Video

High definition surveillance cameras make the quality of the recorded images crystal clear. IP or High Definition video footage produces clear images along with the ability to pan, tilt and zoom control to hone in on details.

Here’s a great example of high definition video camera vs a traditional analog camera:

Access Video Security Recordings

High definition video is recorded on a network server and can be viewed from any computer on the network. But what happens if you need to access your video feed while you are away? Using IP cameras and remote video technology, you can login to view live video anywhere in the world over the internet. Video surveillance can be stored on the server, as well as on SD cards which means you don’t have to store video footage on a DVR (unless that is your preference).

Prevent Crime on Your Property

According to a study from UNC, the presence of security equipment including video surveillance, influences burglars when they are selecting targets. Show criminals you are serious about preventing crime with professionally installed IP camera systems that also help identify and apprehend criminals if they do strike.

Learn More About Video Security Installation

Looking for more information on high definition video? Want to see a demo? Contact St. Louis’s security experts at Butler Durrell and we’ll be happy to give you a demo and review your facility for a quote on installation.

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