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We may not have hover boards and flying cars, but advances in control panels are getting us closer to the Jetsons than ever. The control panel serves as the brain to your security system and communicates with the outside world. Technological innovations have allowed control panels to speak with all aspects of a home and communicate information directly to and from a smartphone, which is reshaping how people monitor and manage the security of their home.

Basic Functions of a Control Panel

The primary purpose of a control panel is to process information that occurs throughout the home and channel that information to the home owner and monitoring station. Homes armed with contact sensors on doors and windows tell the control panel when an armed entry point has been broken. Similarly, glass break sensors, motion detectors, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors communicate with the control panel and raise an alert if anything is not right. These control panels save lives, protect families and give home owners a sense of security for issues that would otherwise be left to chance.

Taking Control Panels to the Next Level

The control panel in a home security system is designed to process and relay information to an external source. Using this system, engineers have expanded the capabilities of control panels to communicate with a variety of facets in a home or business. Today, control panels communicate with internal and external lights, thermostats, garage doors, various home appliances, door locks and video monitoring technology and give home owners the ability to arm and disarm their security system and receive a variety of notifications, updates and alerts.

The Anatomy of the Smart Home

What many people with outdated security systems don’t know is that components of an existing system can often be incorporated into a new system, which makes upgrading the system more affordable. It is important to address all possible safety and security concerns when installing or upgrading a security system.

To find a system that fits your individual needs, safety concerns and budget, contact one of the security experts at ButlerDurrell today.