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Butler Durrell Surveillance System Gives Shelter to Women’s Center

Video upgrade project shows how a St. Louis-area security solutions provider projects professionalism throughout the process.

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Despite their altruistic purposes, facilities associated with charitable causes in many instances face even more security and safety challenges than standard commercial properties. This is because in their pursuit to serve the community by helping those down on their luck, physically or mentally compromised, battling substance abuse, etc., an environment is created that can, unfortunately, involve desperate individuals and domestic disputes lending themselves to threats of theft and violence.

Left unchecked, this can deter those in need from seeking refuge and solace, and present danger to staff and volunteers. Making such situations all the more daunting is the fact that these enterprises are typically nonprofits, meaning budgeting and funding for security and safety systems is typically even tighter than that of post-recession commercial businesses.

Experienced and professional security solutions providers understand these kinds of scenarios and are expert at cost-effectively deploying technology that enables managers of buildings supporting philanthropic causes to remain focused most where they ought to be ― on assisting those less fortunate get back on their feet and live their lives with dignity.

Butler Durrell Security, based in Wildwood, Mo., designs, installs, and monitors security systems for residential and commercial customers of every variety in and around the greater St. Louis area. What follows is an overview of a recent women’s shelter project that highlights how Butler Durrell adeptly solves any security challenge and continues to cultivate a loyal customer base by being a trusted partner.

Tried the Rest, Ready for the Best

HD Surveillance Camera SystemButler Durrell’s strong reputation speaks for itself, so as is often the case for the company this opportunity came about as the result of a referral. While just as often those recommendations derive from satisfied customers, in this instance it came about as the result of the locksmith the company works with for access control systems putting in a good word. The shelter’s stakeholders were disenchanted with their existing security provider and open to seeking an alternative.  

The prospect had an existing security (intrusion or burglar alarm) system, video surveillance (cameras) and access control system in place, but like many commercial properties today there was the interest in updating the video system to keep pace with ever-improving technology. Butler Durrell’s technical expert met with the client’s security manager. Taking the end user’s input into consideration, the upgrade design was planned along with additions.

Of particular note was the challenge of completing the project in just a single day and during business hours. Fortunately for the customer, in Butler Durrell Security they had selected a firm well versed in meeting such stringent objectives and deadlines.

Improving Security AND Operations

The customer’s prime objective was to strengthen tenant and employee security on a 24/7 basis, in concert with the existing security system after hours. The system could also help monitor employees or vendors coming and going into the facility to verify their times onsite as well as performance.

Another system design challenge for this project was configuring it such that the video system covered all accessible areas but maintained the tenant’s privacy at the same time. This being a women’s shelter made that an even more critical parameter, but again one Butler Durrell was skilled in achieving.

The property required exterior IP (networked) day/night cameras on all sides of the building to monitor unwanted persons from trying to enter the building through any doors or windows. This was another circumstance in which the security company’s expertise came into play as Butler Durrell keeps abreast of all the latest technology in order to deliver the best solutions at the best prices ― maximizing the overall value of the customer’s investment.

In this case, Speco Technologies high definition video products were selected based on their high quality and very user-friendly controls. Butler Durrell’s pros are cognizant of the fact that any security product or system is only as good as the extent they are used. Therefore, the firm specifies devices that are not only reliable but also simple to operate, creating a positive user experience that assures consistent long-term use.

The Honeymoon is Never Over

Regardless of how straight-forward a security system is to operate, some degree of user training is required. This is yet another aspect in which Butler Durrell excels. Following completion of the installation, patient and proficient company techs instructed the women’s shelter authorized users how to properly and efficiently work the video system. The property’s onsite security manager monitors the cameras’ live video, as well as views archived video as needed.

Making the solution even more robust is a service and maintenance contract put in place guaranteeing Butler Durrell performs a daily look-in of all components to confirm everything is working correctly. Should any issue arise, a tech is dispatched to correct it or replace equipment as warrantied. The security company also provides annual system inspections, including any refresher training the customer may need. Keeping the shelter informed of updates or additional equipment that might be helpful is also part and parcel to Butler Durrell Security’s high standard of customer care.

With Butler Durrell, clients can rest easy knowing they are looked after by a security partner that is in it with them for the long haul.

Sheltered from Security Worries

3rd_Party_Monitoring_AgentGiven the flawless setup, execution, and follow-up detailed above, it’s no wonder the shelter is delighted with its video security upgrade that now fosters peace of mind throughout the organization and operation. Women and property managers within the facility can now feel very comfortable knowing that anyone approaching the building can be monitored and the appropriate help can be notified if needed.

The client was understandably impressed with Butler Durrell’s professionalism and dedication to providing a great product and premium service that includes a 24/7 maintenance contract. So much so that, although presently that other legacy company handles the client’s burglar and fire systems, the shelter’s property manager says he will once again turn to Butler Durrell for an impending upgrade of them as well in the near future.

Like so many other loyal residential and commercial property owners have discovered ― based on proven expertise, custom-tailored systems, and unrivaled customer service ― Butler Durrell is the final word in security solutions.

About Butler Durrell Security

Now in its second generation, Butler Durrell Security is a local family-operated company in the greater St. Louis area that is dedicated to providing the best value in security systems design, installation, and service for families and businesses. Led by recognized industry leader and company President John Butler, the firm’s hallmark is personalized service that includes a 5-Diamond Central Monitoring Station, and expert technical repair and maintenance.

Our product offerings include intrusion detection, access control, video surveillance, home controls and more. Contact us online for more information.