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Butler Durrell Brings Intrusion System In With Perfect Landing

The security expert meets the unique needs of an aircraft manufacturer by helping its guards better cover a large facility.

As the owner, operator or manager of a commercial property, you owe it to your tenants, visitors, staff and/or customers to ensure a safe and secure environment. That encompasses not only protecting people’s well-being but also safeguarding valuable assets.

One of the most essential ingredients to achieving this is through the procurement and use of electronic security devices like video surveillance, access control, and other systems.

This includes the foundational component of intrusion detection, sometimes also called a burglar alarm. That last term has become a bit antiquated due to advances in technology that have made such devices and systems much more feature-rich, flexible, scalable and reliable.

Today’s commercial intrusion systems can include a myriad of technologies, like:

  • Detection devices
  • Sophisticated anti-false alarm technologies
  • Wireless components
  • Perimeter security
  • Remote access via smartphone apps
  • Video verification
  • Integration with other building systems
  • And much more

That is all well and good but that amazing technology means little if there is not an expert security systems provider behind it offering consultation, sales, design, installation, user training and ongoing maintenance that you can count on and trust.

If you’re looking for a security system provider, you want to find a professional firm that puts your best interests ahead of pocketing dollars and profits. This is someone who will take the time to understand your needs and offer a system that is tailored rather than cookie-cutter, and that also stretches your budget as far as it can go to obtain the very best possible solution.

You want a provider like Butler Durrell Security of Wildwood, Mo.

For more than 40 years, the security and fire systems design, installation and monitoring firm has delighted residential and commercial customers of every stripe in and around the greater St. Louis area.

Butler Durrell integrates intrusion, fire, video and access control systems to prevent gaps in clients’ security strategies, maximizing functionality and convenience by having all the systems work together.

The following profile highlights how Butler Durrell approaches, innovates and achieves superior results while continuing to add ongoing customer value to commercial intrusion security projects.

Commercial Security System in St. Louis, MO

Thinking Outside the Detection Box

The project involved a longtime customer once again looking to its trusted security partner to meet new needs as they arise ― something Butler Durrell has become very accustomed to thanks to its unrivaled consistency in both technology and first-rate service.

This job focused on a global manufacturer’s building in St. Louis that has guards on duty 24/7. The dilemma was that the facility was so large that someone could break in at the opposite end from where security personnel might be patrolling, and consequently, the intruders would not be heard.

As is the Butler Durrell way, the provider devised a scheme to solve their customer’s unique quandary.

During a consultation meeting with the client’s security department, Butler Durrell’s expert representatives came up with a game plan that would help the manufacturer feel more secure. Most importantly, the solution would allow the guards to move freely inside the building, with notification alerts sent to three display keypads if an unauthorized entry should occur.

Wireless Works Wonders

The manufacturing facility is an airport office/hanger. Among the client’s chief concerns are preventing anyone being able to get to aircraft as well as hiding in the building in order to do bodily harm to a client, employee or executive.

The building had an obsolete legacy security system in place with motion sensors that were non-operational, adding to the urgency for Butler Durrell to remedy this substantial vulnerability. The building also had existing fire alarm, video, and access control systems.

The client’s unique situation did not throw Butler Durrell’s technology authorities. The guards needed to be protected and alerted if there was an entry, but also required the ability to patrol without causing an alarm condition. Butler Durrell was able to accomplish this by deploying door sensors and glass-break sensors, ultimately providing an ideal solution to the customer.

The system installed for the client was a DSC Neo. The PowerSeries Neo captures the flexibility of a modular, hardwired system with the simplicity of a wide range of wireless devices and peripherals. The result is a groundbreaking, comprehensive and versatile hybrid system suited for small business structures through to large-scale commercial applications.

In particular, Butler Durrell technicians appreciated Neo’s excellent wireless capabilities, which were essential for the size of the building as well as large sliding doors that are typically incompatible with traditional wired sensors.

Manufacturer in St. Louis, MO

Success is Plain to See

Per standard operating procedure, Butler Durrell techs trained all the personnel involved regarding system operation and supplied contact information to reach the provider’s service department if needed.

While as a full-service security partner Butler Durrell also operates a UL-Listed monitoring center, this particular system is monitored by the client’s internal monitoring department. That is typical for larger commercial applications in which the client has its own security staff.

Now that this system is in place it is delivering peace of mind to manufacturing company management and patrolling security guards.

Among the many benefits, because the building is so large, is that it can alert security if a door is propped open even before the system is armed. Prior to the installation, someone could unlock a door and prop it open for entry at a later time without anyone being the wiser.

As is typical with Butler Durrell systems, to ensure ongoing system operation, satisfaction, safety, and security, the agreement included a 24-hour maintenance and testing clause to cover all parts and labor as needed. If a problem should arise, the provider’s techs will be dispatched to correct any issues within 24 hours.

For now, this tale is another pleasing one of a Butler Durrell Security customer grinning from ear to ear. The manufacturer’s decision-makers are elated with the benefits of the system, including:

  • Keeping aircraft from being stolen or vandalized
  • Easy repair or replacement of equipment when necessary
  • Acting as an efficient force-multiplier for the guards as they patrol nightly

About Butler Durrell Security

Now in its second generation, Butler Durrell Security is a local family-operated company in the greater St. Louis area that is dedicated to providing the best value in security and fire systems design, installation and service for families and businesses.

Led by recognized industry leader and company President John Butler, the firm’s hallmark is personalized service that includes a 5-Diamond Central Monitoring Station, and expert technical repair and maintenance. Product offerings include fire detection, intrusion detection, access control, video surveillance, home controls and more. For more information, call 636-244-8791 or visit