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7 Signs You Need Better Security Protection For Your Business

Most businesses recognize the need for solid security, but many might not realize their current measures aren’t sufficient. Any gaps in your security constitute a liability, so it’s important to make sure you’ve got the most up to date system possible.

Signs You Need Improved Security For Your Business

If you’re not sure whether you need to improve your security protection for your business, here are a few signs to consider.

1. You’re Using Keyed Locks 

We generally associate locks and keys with security, but the truth is mechanical locks aren’t the best at keeping intruders out. The reason why is keys can be duplicated or lost. If you have multiple employees who have keys to the building, there is some risk that you’ll have a break in.

Modern access control systems use numerical keypads, cards, or biometric scanners (such as fingerprint recognition). Not only are these harder to crack, but you can also track who accesses your facility. Each access code or card is unique to the individual, meaning if they give out an access code, it will be easier to track them down and resolve the situation.

2. More Frequent Losses From Theft 

If you’ve recently experienced a break-in, robbery, or burglary, you’re probably already well aware of the need for heightened security. 

That said, not all thefts are as obvious as someone breaking a lock or openly robbing the property. People on the inside could be responsible for losses as well, so be aware of any losses that may have resulted from dishonest actions on their part.

As much as you might not want to consider it, your employees do constitute a liability in this area, so you want to make sure you’ve got adequate security for your business. Surveillance cameras and modern access control systems both help keep employees honest, and they can also make sure they remain productive during work hours.

3. Poor Camera Resolution 

Surveillance forms a major component of many business security systems, but if your cameras give you fuzzy resolution, you likely need an update. After all, if you can hardly tell what someone looks like from the surveillance footage, you’re going to have a harder time getting anywhere.

Modern surveillance cameras offer high resolutions in full color, making them far better for monitoring your property. 

In addition, if you’re still dealing with grainy black-and-white images, your security system probably lacks other features, such as live remote viewing.

4. Higher Incidence Of Crime In Your Area 

Not every indicator has to do with your security system specifically. 

If you do business in an area with high incidences of crime, you will want to be prepared for it, especially if you haven’t been paying too much attention to security until now. The odds of break-ins and the like are going to be higher than you’d have elsewhere, after all.

Improving security for your business in these areas not only protects your assets and employees, but it also keeps your visitors safe as well.

5. Lack Of Remote Connectivity

Remote access to surveillance footage, access control systems, and other security measures is another major part of modern business security. It reduces response time to threats, improves accountability, and even helps you prevent certain crimes as well.

For example, some security cameras come with 2-way communication, meaning if someone approaches your property after hours, you can observe them remotely and verbally warn them off if you feel there’s a need.

6. No Wireless Capability

Everything is wireless these days, and that includes business security systems. 

While hardwiring your system does offer powerful advantages (connectivity is more reliable), it’s still good to have wireless capabilities since there are no wires to cut, no risk of power outages, etc. 

Wireless systems are also far easier to modify and upgrade than wired systems, and they’re far more portable.

7. Not Customized 

Security systems are not one-size-fits-all, yet some vendors sell them like they are. 

Your security system needs to be scaled and customized to your business’s size, location, and industry. For some organizations, surveillance will be a top priority. Others may have unique access control needs.

If your security system isn’t matched to your precise needs, you’ll probably need to upgrade to something that does. Otherwise, you may end up with a system that doesn’t cover everything or where the various systems don’t interact properly.

Upgrading Security For Your Business 

Sadly, commercial security is fairly easily neglected, and that can leave some gaps in your business’s protection. You might have slower response times to threats, vulnerabilities that may be exploited, and more difficulty in tracking suspicious characters.

The good news is it’s not at all difficult to upgrade security for your business. By working with a professional commercial security installer, you can find the weak points in your business’s security and fill them in with highly effective solutions.

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